Seasonal Special! K-9 Advantix Flea and Tick!

imagesThough parasites are a concern year long, we have gone without a harsh winter.  This means fleas and ticks are out at full force.  These little critters cause your pet tons of discomfort and irritation, not to mention can be bothersome for you as well!

Many animals can develop an allergy to fleas, in which one bite causes extreme itching and can result in skin infections, lesions, and costly treatments. Why put your furry friends through the misery when prevention is the easiest (and cheapest) way to go!

When you purchase four tubes of Advantix Flea and Tick Prevention (1 box) you will receive one tube COMPLETELY FREE, on us!

Flea Bite Dermatitis (with Flea!)
9040536_orig“Flea Dirt” – This is actually fecal material composed partially of blood left behind by fleas, and a common indication of a flea infestation.