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Koko’s Leg Injury

In late January 2011, my dog Koko was unable to walk or put any pressure on her left rear leg. She was almost 13 years old at the time and is a Shiba Inu that loved to run around the yard and take afternoon walks. But after a few days without any improvement, I knew it was time to take her to see our vet. Since moving here in 2003, I have always taken my pets to the Shasta Lake Veterinary Clinic in Shasta Lake. It’s close to home and more importantly I have always received excellent service from the doctors and staff there. I have found that they truly care about giving each animal the best care available and will give you all of the various options for treatment.

On February 1, 2011 Koko and I headed to see Dr. Roach at Shasta Lake Veterinary Clinic and after thoroughly checking her leg and taking x-rays it was found that Koko had torn the ligaments in her leg. Dr. Roach and Dr. Scanlan both reviewed the x-rays and checked Koko’s leg and they both agreed that there were two potential options; surgery or laser treatment. They reviewed the cost and recovery times for each option with me. Surgery would cost over $3000.00 and recovery time would be 4-6 months. Laser treatment did not guarantee full recovery for Koko but laser treatment had been successful in other cases and it would take some time to see how effective it would be. Since Koko was nearly 13 years old, I thought the surgery recovery time would be too hard for her and therefore I chose trying the laser treatment. They immediately started the laser treatment and in a very short period of time you could see some improvement.

Today Koko is able to walk on her leg and will even run at times. Her leg is not 100% but has improved sufficiently. I cannot say enough about the success of her laser treatment and how it has helped her tremendously. Andrea and Michele are the two individuals who normally perform the treatment and truly care about Koko. So overall, laser treatment has been a real success story for Koko, and I can’t thank the Shasta Lake Veterinary Clinic staff for all they’ve done.
Regards, Dorris Inscore

“Compassion made a difference: I would like to thank the staff at the Shasta Lake Vet Clinic for the compassion shown to my dog & me. I had to make a hard choice & they were very caring.”G. N.
“Dear Staff, Again I am so appreciative of your compassion of dearly, beloved dog and of my feelings and that of my daughters. Your willingness to accommodate him and reduce his trauma at the end of his precious life, showing him such respect and gentleness. I am so grateful for you all.”L. R.

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